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Mara Creamer & Sugar Antique Green
Mara Stoneware

Butter Dish
Creamer Sugar Sets

Mara Creamer & Sugar Animals
Mara Creamer & Sugar Celestial
Mara Creamer & Sugar Desert
Mara Creamer & Sugar Grapevines
Mara Creamer & Sugar Horses
Mara Creamer & Sugar Sun Flowers
Mara Creamer & Sugar Sun
Mara Creamer & Sugar Southwest
Creamer & Sugar Sets
#564AG - Antique Green
#564AN - Animals
#564CE - Celestial
#564GF - Dragon Fly
#564GV - Grapevines
#564HS - Horses
#564SU - Sun
#564SW - Southwest
Butter Dish Sets
Mara Butter Dish Antique Green
#565AG - Antique Green
Mara Butterdish Animals
#565AN - Lady Bugs
Mara Butter Dish Celestial
#565CE - Celestial
Mara Butter Dish Derest
#565DE - Desert
#565GF - Dragon Fly
Mara Butter Dish Grapevines
#565GV - Grapvines
Mara Butter Dish Horses
#565HS - Horses
Mara Butter Dish Sunflower
#565SF - Sunflowers
Mara Butter Dish Sun
#565SU - Sun
Mara Butter Dish Southwest
#565SW - Southwest
Creamer & Sugar Sets
Price: $33.64
Butter Dish Sets
Price: $24.72
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Butter Dish, Creamer Sugar Sets are designed to
compliment your Mara dinnerware or mix and match with
other pieces.  Stoneware Lovers can add to their collection
or give as gifts!  Each piece is engraved and painted by
hand. Durable stoneware, useable art, you won't want to
put them away! The three-dimensional designs and unique
shapes bring each piece to life.

No two of these true hand-made art pieces are exactly
alike.  All of Mara's design pieces are high temperature
fired with lead-free glazes.

Choose Style
Mara Creamer/Sugar Set
Choose Style
Mara Butter Dish Set
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Hand Finished
Lead & Cadmium Free
Microwave, Dishwasher & Oven Safe
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564DE - Desert
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Mara Limited Edition
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Mara Creamer & Sugar
Mara Butter Dish Dragon Fly
#564SF Sunflowers
Mara Butter Dish Dragon Fly
Mara Dragon Fly Butter Dish
Shipping Note:
All of our Mara & Prado products are shipped
UPS ground within the Continental USA.  
International orders, Please  call us for a
shipping quote at 616-450-6677